Tom Bolles

Tom Bolles is a native San Franciscan educated back east. As a teenager he was influenced by the op and pop movements of the 60's and he is still drawn to the strong palettes of that era. Over the past 20 years the majority of his work would best be called "minimal", though a very painterly version of that genre. His paintings exhibit luminous and incandescent surfaces, which result from the application of multiple layers of translucent acrylic paint.  As he moves through layer by layer, the preceding colors can be detected under the surface, giving the painting depth and subtlety.  Periodically he has explored digitally inspired imagery, or including text, or, most recently, distorted images of toys, displaying some previously hidden humor. Most artworks are acrylic on canvas, but many others are mixed media with tinted resins, and still others are cast resin sculptures. No matter the subject matter, the work always reflect a keen interest in saturated colors and pristine finishes. Many seem to glow from within.